I'm Alicia, an independent game designer and writer.

I'm currently a student at the University of Toronto, on track to complete a Bachelor of Arts as a Cinema Specialist. I have a Minor in English Literature, with a focus on creative writing. The current focus of my studies are courses in new media and computer science. I recently completed a course in Computational Thinking and can write in Racket, and am currently enrolled in a programming course studying Python. I've also been teaching myself C# on the side.

I work with the Hand Eye Society, a videogame arts organization, as Artist Liaison. In this role, I work as a curator for events like The Hand Eye Society Ball: A Fancy Videogame Party. In 2017, I'll also be involved with the curation of Comics X Games, as part of the Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

My most recent game project was Punk Prism Power, a Magical Girl multiplayer party game with custom peripherals, kick ass moves, and blinky lights. It was featured at IndieCade Festival 2015 in the Night Games showcase.

My most recent publication is a personal essay called Never Kiss A Writer featured in The Secret Loves of Geek Girls. It was successfully Kickstarted and originally published by Bedside Press in 2015. A new edition was published in 2016 by Dark Horse Comics.